Apr. 12, 1989

Establishment of corporation

Sep. 04, 1989

Granted license to process canned foods

Jan. 10, 1991

Registration with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) U.S.A.

Dec. 28, 1996

Registration of Processing Facilities for Export of Marine Products
with the European Union (the first in the trade in Korea)

Mar. 03, 1998

Awarded the Faithful Tax-Paying Corporation Prize
(by the Minister of Finance and Economy)

Nov. 30, 1998

Awarded the 35th Trade Day Prize
(by Chairman of Korean Trade Association)

Dec. 23, 1998

Awarded the Exemplary Small and Medium sized Business Prize
(by the Chairman of Small and Medium Sized Business Promotion Corporation)

Dec. 01, 1999

Awarded the $10 million Export Tower Prize on the 36th Trade Day
(by the President of Korea)

Dec. 17, 1999

Designated as a Promising Small and Medium sized Business
(by the President of the Bank of Busan)

Dec. 27, 2000

Designated by ministry of Maritime Affairs & fisheries
as a major Specialized Fisheries Exporter to be supported

Mar. 03, 2001

Awarded Prize for an Exemplary Tax Pay
by Korean Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance and Economy

Mar. 14, 2002

Registration with National fisheries products quality inspection service
for seafood export as HACCP compliance establishment

Jun. 26, 2003

Approved by the Korea Musslim Federation (KMF03-021) with HALAL certificate